Samson Slim Care is one amongst the best and fastest growing chains of slimming centre in Tamilnadu. Started at 2015 with one branch at Erode. Providing effective slim care solutions in weight loss, inch loss and stomach flatning. Backed by our inspired team of over 10 slim care professionals, including Nutritionists, Physiotherapists.

Samson Slim Care's Special Features are Quality Biotechnology Product, Natural, Safe, Effective, Healthy

From your first visit you will be appointed your own personal experienced trainer who will discuss your weight concerns and design a personalised weight loss programme to suit your lifestyle. During the slimming programme you will meet your doctor on a weekly basis for consultations, weigh-ins, examinations and constant support. We believe that this approach is the most effective and produces the best results.

We are proud to offer professional high quality services to all our members. In all our center our members success is what matters. We work hard to make sure you feel welcome, comfortable and give you the support you need to achieve your goal.



With stressful living and a sedentary lifestyle being the leading causes of undesirable weight gain which leads to obesity.


Fat cells are often deposited in the chest, hips and waist region. As the cells become bigger, your physique acquires a doughy look.


Heavy tummy is one of the main problems that beauty alert people usually feel. It really affects your personality. Fat has a tendency to get . .


We have all from time to time thought about a body shape miracle cure. A painless, quick fix slimming treatment to remove the rolls of fat on our stomachs,